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Reliable and Dependable Delivery

We pride ourselves on offering reliable and timely fuel and propane delivery to our customers. We offer worry free Automatic Delivery as well as Will Call delivery for those who wish to maintain their own fuel levels. You can count on MacGillivray Fuels.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

From our local representatives at our local offices, to our drivers and service technicians, and sales people, MacGillivray Fuels maintains the highest level of knowledge and experience to ensure our customers can count on us every step of the way.

MacGillivray Fuels - Become a Customer

Equipment Sales, Service and Installation

In our sales process our sales team is highly trained to know exactly what is needed to meet customer requirements and to give customers the options and recommendations they know will work to suit their needs and budget. After the sale you can count on the highly trained team of service technicians and installers at MacGillivray Fuels. They make sure your equipment is installed properly and that it receives the highest standard of service and maintenance to keep your investment operating efficiently and smoothly for years to come.

Payment Options

MacGillivray Fuels offers a number of different payment options. Choose from 12 month interest free budget plans for fuel, or you can choose Automatic Payment options by Credit Card or Preauthorized Payments. You can also pay at Our Local Offices by Cash, Credit or Debit, Online through Online Banking, Over the Phone or at your Local Banking Institution. MacGillivray Fuels also offers Leasing and Financing Options on most equipment we install.