MacGillivray Fuels

Commercial Fuels

Diesel and Gasoline

MacGillivray Fuels serves all types of Industries with the energy products they require, some of the more common industries in Northern Nova Scotia that we serve include:

  • Commercial Fleets
  • Construction
  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Forestry

At MacGillivray Fuels pride ourselves on delivering Diesel and Gasoline products to our customers in a safe, timely and efficient manner. If your business requires Diesel, Gasoline or any other products we deliver please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

MacGillivray Fuels also sells and installs Fuel Storage tanks, dispensers, pumps and hoses. Please reach out to us for further details and information on how we can help.

Safety Data Sheets for Fuel Products


MacGillivray Fuels supplies a full line of Petro Canada Lubricants. Whether it’s motor oil, grease, hydraulic fluids, or specialty products, we can provide you with all of your lubricant needs. MacGillivray Fuels works with all industries, including farming, fishing, forestry and construction, ensuring that your equipment is running at its peak performance.